Wunder ist eine Art von Magie in Dark Souls 3. Dieser Typ Magie richtet normalerweise Lichtschaden an oder heilt/bufft den Spieler und skaliert mit dem Attribut Glaube. Wunder können nur von Spielern mit ausgerüstetem Talisman gewirkt werden. Hexerei ist in Dark Souls 3 nicht vorhanden und jegliche Hexerei sind nun Wunder.




FP Cost Slots Used Faith Required Beschreibung Erhältlich durch  Typ


45 1 12 Restores HP for self and those in the vicinity.    

Caressing Tears

14 1 12 Cures bleeding, poison and frost for self and those in the vicinity.    

Med Heal

55  1 15 Restore moderate HP for self and vicinity. Purchased from Sirris of the Sunless Realm
Cost: 3500 souls

Great Heal

 65 1 25 Restore high HP for self and vicinity    

 Lightning Spear

 30  1  20


Hurls a lightning spear.



Lightning Stake

50 2 35 Strike with a stake of lightning    

 Sacred Oath

 65  2  28 Reduces damage taken by ~50% and increases damage dealt by ~30%    

 Heal Aid

 28 1 8 Slightly restore HP Cost: 500 souls  


 26  1  12 Creates Shockwave. No damage, but stagger effect. Can deflect incoming arrows.    


30 1 18 Sends caster to last bonfire rested at, or to shrine.    

 Vow of Silence

 40 2 25    Cost: 15000 souls   

 Dead Again

 45  1  23

 Bless corpses, transforming them into traps.

Inteligence: 15


Purchased from
Irina of Carim
Cost: 5000 souls

 Dark Blade

35 1 25

Reinforce right weapon with dark


 Cost: 10000 souls  

 Seek Guidance

 ? ? ? Display more messages, and see summon signs without using an ember    


 ? ? ? Attracts more attention from foes    


30 1 15 Gradually restores HP    

Tears of Denial

100 2 15 Self-revive on death Purchased from Sirris of the Sunless Realms  Cost: 10000 souls  


 18 1 18 Summons swarm of bugs to attack enemy Purchased from
Irina of Carim
Cost: 2000 souls

Deep Protection

 25 1 20 Slightly boosts attack, damage absorption and resistance, while also increasing stamina recovery speed Purchased from 
Irina of Carim
Cost: 4000 souls

Lightning Blade

50 1 30 Reinforce right weapon with lightning    

Sunlight Spear

      Hurls a Sunlight Spear Rank 2 Reward
Warrior of Sunlight covenant

Soothing Sunlight

        Soul of the Dancer  

Lifehunt Scythe

25 1 22 Steals HP of foes using an illusory scythe Soul of Aldrich  

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