Der Spielablauf für Dark Souls 3 zeigt die bestmöglichen Wege durch das Spiel, basierend auf deinen Anforderungen. Diese Seite wird aktuallisiert sobald mehr Informationen verfügbar sind.




(Spoiler Warnung: basierend auf veröffentlichten Informationen)

you watch the intro and learn that beings from all across the dark souls world at the time are on a pilgrimage to the land of Lotheric as a reaction to the first flame is fading. The old lords of cinder and associates are rising. The unkindled (unnamed undead "who aren't fit to be cinder" ) are going about the land looking for embers of the first flame. (their is more to this this is only a summary add the rest if you have time)

Middle transition: possibly character creation (not yet shown publicly)

Game starts you awake in the untended graves area where you fight (unnamed enemies) until you reach a cliffs edge and go up the mountain

Middle transition: woods journey (not yet shown publiclly)

After falling off a small cliff you arrive at an archway with a wall of fog which leads in to the introductory boss Ludex Gundyr after beating him you get "Heir of fire destroyed" message, a bonfire sword, and an ember restored message.

At the edge of Gundyr`s room their are large doors which you use to leave the boss area from here you head up the hill of the mountain.

Until you reach the next archway area that leads to the bonfire area at which time you only need to go up to the ash area and place the sword you got from the previous boss to start the bonfire. This place is refereed to as the firelink shrine, and their is a level up npc who may or may not be a bonfire keeper.



DLC Gebiete

(Bestätigt durch den Sony PSN Store, Angebot des Season Pass durch Vorbestellung der "Deluxe Edition". Später auch seperat erhältlich wenn die Inhalte angekündigt wurden.)

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